Youth Events

HenHud Youth Clinics

Youth Clinics

The Hen Hud Youth Football Clinic is an instructional event designed to enhance young players' skills and understanding of the game.  This clinic will involve coaching sessions led by experienced professionals, focusing on various aspects such as the fundamentals of throwing, catching, running and kicking. Participants have the opportunity to receive personalized guidance, practice drills, and engage in simulated game scenarios to improve their performance on the field. 

Hen Hud Youth Camp

Youth Camp

The Hen Hud Youth Football Camp offers young players an immersive experience where they can develop their skills and passion for the sport in a structured environment. Led by qualified coaches, these camps provide instruction on fundamental techniques, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Through a combination of drills, scrimmages, and interactive activities, participants gain valuable knowledge and confidence to excel both on and off the field.